History of gretchenetc.com

Welcome. Here is the history of gretchenetc.com

Just in case we haven’t been properly introduced, my name is Gretchen Nash. When I am not designing I enjoy doing things like sewing and buying things from thrift stores that I will most likely never wear (or use). I was raised in the Midwest—Saginaw, Michigan to be exact. In my middle and high school years,
I was very focused on drawing, painting, and sculpture—which would explain why I still embrace a sense of tactility in my design work.

I moved to California in 2004 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from the California Institute of the Arts, which I just completed. Currently, I live and work in Los Angeles.

In August I had the pleasure of being asked to design the cover for Issue #1 of Mammut Magazine. For more information (and the option to download it for free — or buy it) please visit MammutMagazine.org.

Mammut is edited by Matthias Merkel Hess and Roman Jaster. Magazine design by Roman Jaster.


So, after about 4 years of procrastination, gretchenetc.com has finally launched! There are lots to see, so please look around. I will also be updating frequently with new (and perhaps older) work to a few sections in the near future, so please come back soon & often!

This site has been evolved into home design & services blog. Enjoy!

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